Christianity is under fire all around the globe. Whether it is external persecution by extremist groups, ungodly influence from liberal media, or disunity within the Body of Christ – the time has come for Christians to unite and strengthen. We are the family of God, His hands and feet on earth, His Church. As soon as we step out our front door, we are plagued with the deafening critiques of countless individuals who take great pleasure in tearing the Church apart…

We know the Church isn’t perfect but we also know it has phenomenal strengths. We are not oblivious to the fact that we are all somewhat different but, within in our diversity there is something of immense value that we all offer. And no, we are not talking about some “inter-faith movement” and by no means is this a “world-peace-save-the-whales-hippy-speech”.

We are talking about Biblical, born-again believers from all over the world being UNITED in faith and INFORMED for influence. Through JOY! Digital, an integrated Christian portal packed with life-changing content, breaking news, interesting articles and a directory of Christian products and services, we hope to see Jesus glorified and His Kingdom extended. May the words of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4 become reality; may our publication serve its role in preparing the Bride and equipping the saints.

We pray, as Jesus did in John 17, that we could be one and transform a generation in desperate need. Please join us in this seeing this vision come to life, by browsing our site, reading the articles, sharing the content and supporting the hundreds of ministries featured in the directory.