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Are Our Smartphones Making Us Stupid?
Ignorance – The Root Of Socialism’s Popularity
Why Christians Shouldn’t Be So Quick To Shut The Door On Immigr...
How Much Power Does Satan Possess?
What Does The Bible Say About Assisted Suicide?
Christianity Is True Even If You Believe The Bible Isn’t
The Eyewitness Testimony That’ll Make You Never Doubt The Resur...
The Hidden Science That Proves Jesus Definitely Died on the Cross
Does The Bible Condemn Christmas Trees?
R.T. Kendall: Why The King James Version Has Led Many Christians ...
Does Satan Have The Power To Control The Weather?

Everyday Life Articles

10 Questions Jesus Asked (and Why They Matter Today)
3 Helpful Tips When You Feel You Can’t Pray
Cleansing The Nation Spiritually Through Prayer
Empowering Women With Dignity
Bob Goff Shares The Secret To Loving Difficult People
A Love Letter For The Father, On Father’s Day
A Prayer For Dads
How To Approach Father’s Day As A Single Mom
What The Father Says About Fathers
When Dad Isn’t Perfect…
A Life Without Prayer Is A Life Without Faith

JOY! Travel

Baltic Russia Cruise
18 - 28 May 2020
7 Churches of Revelation Tour
3 - 13 Aug 2018
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10 - 18 Oct 2018
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12 - 16 Nov 2018
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Afrikaanse Nuus

Bybellesers Verkies Die Fisieke Bybel Bo ’n Digitale kopie
China Koop Aandele In Die Midde-Ooste
Nuwe Infrarooi foto Onthul God Se Heerlikheid In Die Buitenste Ru...
Tyd Om Saam Te Staan En Vir Goddelike Regering Te Stem In SA!
 Thai-Sokkerspan Praat Vir Eerste Keer Oor Redding Uit Grot
Amerikaanse Leraar Bly Gevangene In Turkye: Trump Eis Vrylating
Gebedsinisiatief: ‘Tipping Point SA!’
Johnson & Johnson Moet Bykans $4,7 Miljard Uitbetaal Oor Poe...
Die Stand Van Sake Vir Christene In Katar
Valk Gebruik Om Brand In Israel Te Begin: Egipte Se Ultimatum Aan...
Christene En Moslems Vat Hande Om Wêreld Se Oudste Kerk Te Herop...


Ek Het Kanker Oorwin – Alternatiewe Behandeling Gee Uitklop...
Gebrande broodjies
Waaraan Dink Jy?
Vra Jou Vrae
Volkome Gered
Verhoudings Is Vir Altyd
Seën Jou Vyande
Ons Moet Almal Weer Begin
Jou Huwelik En Die Skoonfamilie
Het Jy ‘n Bybelse Wêreldbeskouing?
God Van Wonders!

Trending Videos

Married Duo Combines Two Songs For One Breathtaking Performance
Jewish Scientist Makes The Greatest Jewish Discovery
KFC Founder Shares How Jesus Saved Him
Powerful Testimony Of God Turning A Life Around
Nicky Gumbel On The Most Important Message In The World
Jesus Christ – Heaven – Must See
Open Heavens
Hidden Message In Genesis 5
Billy Graham’s Message To America Before His Death
No, Being Baptized In The Spirit Is Not The Same As Being Born Ag...
I will not apologise for Jesus! – John Gray

Women of Grace

Letters From Jen
The More Excellent Way
Letters From Jen
Words Of Power
Bernadette Chiponda
Sick & Tired Of Being Single
Jenny-May Hudson
Loving Those Who Hurt Us
Audrey Hardy
Beware Of The Leaven Of Rebellion
Ella Kritzinger
God Se Oogappel
Rina Kinnear
Seisoene Van Ons Lewens
Esté Geldenhuys
Kla Ons Oor Goddeloosheid In Ons Land – Of Groei Ons In Geloof?
Esté Geldenhuys
Ontsluit Jou Unieke Vroulikheid
Erdine du Toit
Wat Is Jóú Roeping?
Letters From Jen
Violent Faith
Letters From Jen
The Power Of God In You
Letters From Jen
Living In Your Inheritance
Michelle Du Toit
Are You Treating God Like A Fairy Godmother?
Bernadette Chiponda
Trusting God For A Husband
Audrey Hardy
Death – Only A Change Of Address
Jenny-May Hudson
The Problem Of Religion

Words of Wisdom & Leadership

Zoltan Erdey
Why I Would Not Sell All My Silver
Gerrie Bester
What Does The Bible Teach About Tithing? – Part 2
Brett Johnson
Basketsful: Double-entry Theology
Pearl Kupe
The Fragrance Of Christ In You
Tendai Chitsike
Living For Christ In A Christ-less World
Leon Du Preez
The Anointing Of Command
Rainer Boshoff
Always Watching
Gerrie Bester
Wat Sê Die Bybel Oor Tiendes? (Deel 1)
Rudi Briel
Is Dit God Se Wil Dat Christene Ly?
Pastoor Gordon Claasen
Weer Tyd Vir Hervorming
Basie Basson
Die Ouderdom Van Die Aarde
Ron Kinnear
Mense Ryp Vir Die Oes
Pearl Kupe
Feminism VS. Femininity
Tendai Chitsike
Living For Christ In A Christ-less World
Siva Moodley
My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit – Part 3
Brett Johnson
Avoiding Captivity
Zoltan Erdey
Integrity & Investing In Gold And Silver


Pierre Oosthuizen
Faith, Vision, And Obedience
Gebhardt Berndt
How Is Your Soul?
Tamryn Klintworth
Please Pray As We Share The Gospel
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Pentecostal Power
Pierre Oosthuizen
Purpose, Seasons, & The Favour Of God
Gebhardt Berndt
How Is Your Soul?
Tamryn Klintworth
Plundering Hell, Populating Heaven!
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
All Paths Lead To God
Pierre Oosthuizen
Palaces Vs Temples
Gebhardt Berndt
When Was God At His Best
Tamryn Klintworth
Fire Nights
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Our Purpose In Life
Pierre Oosthuizen
Pierre Oosthuizen – May JOY! Article
Gebhardt Berndt
Gebhardt Berndt – May JOY! Article
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – May JOY! Article
Grant & Theunisina Neyt
Grant & Theunisina Neyt – May JOY! Article
Tamryn Klintworth
Tamryn Klintworth – April JOY! Article

Youth & Young Adults

After Matric – What’s Next?
7 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Looking At Your Phone
Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of ...
What Is The Most Important Story In The Bible?
#Imagine2017 – Only A Few Days To The Most Epic Youth Event...
What Moms Need To Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship
8 Dangers Of Social Media We’re Not Willing To Admit
5 Ways To Recognize False Friends
What Does The Bible Actually Say About Dating?
Are You Looking For Love In The Right Places?
The 10 000+ Teenagers That Are Shaping SA’s Future! #Imagin...


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Wedding Planning
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Christmas Markets
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Cape Town
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Country Artists Gather For Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Why Me Lord...
Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ Turns Into A Beautiful Christian Son...
If Camila’s Havana Was A Christian Song
World Of Worship – Portraying The Perfect Love Of Jesus
How One Of The Most Famous Christian Songs Of All Time Made It To...
Love Is Calling Gracepoint Worship Music Launch Debut EP
Heinz Winckler – Let It Rain (A Nations Prayer)
Behold: The New Shofarband Album
Local Hip Hop Band Living For Christ
Watch Selena Gomez Lead Worship At Hillsong And Talk About Her Re...
Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists

Golfing For JOY!

Danny Willett
Jordan Spieth
Bubba Watson
Dean Burmester
Andrew Georgiou
Christiaan Basson
Kenneth Revie
Charl Coetzee
Zach Johnson
The GolfLab
JB Kruger

Voices of Today

Gafcon’s “Letter To The Churches” Encapsulates ...
Lisa Bevere
The Prophetic Package That Led Lisa Bevere To ‘Adamant̵...
Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer Explains The Power Of A Renewed Mind
John Bevere
What Will Deceive Christians In The Last Days
Chris Sugden
What Can We Learn From The Oxfam Scandal?
John Piper
“Before You Believed, You Belonged”
John Piper
What’s Wrong With Dressing Immodestly For Attention?
Chris Sugden
Bishop Happy “To Be A Useful Idiot For Christ”
Joyce Meyer
How To Conquer Your Sin Problem
March 2018 Chairman’s Letter
John Bevere
What Will Deceive Christians In The Last Days
John Piper
Why ‘Falling Out of Love’ Never Justifies Divorce
T.D. Jakes
Building Your Vision: T.D. Jakes Shows You How To ‘Soar!...
Chairman’s New Year Letter 2018
Revolution: Is South Africa Next?
Chris Sugden
‘Lost Boy Of Sudan’: A Rebel And Now A Bishop
Chris Sugden
‘Lost Boy Of Sudan’: A Rebel And Now A Bishop

Have Your Say: Reader's Section

In All Things Give Thanks
The Pulpit Versus The Bible
Breathing Shards Of Glass
Who Do You Believe In, Who Do You Breathe In?
A Gift
Haar Keuse? Sy Keuse?
The Lord Sent me An Email
My Life’s Journey Into Spiritual Wholeness
I will serve
Africa Cares For Life